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Khamis, 3 Mei 2012

Grab #bonnieJo heels from @HiShopMY

- See more at: http://www.helperblogger.com/2012/05/add-facebook-like-button-to-blogger.html#sthash.zt4521Ye.dpuf Assalammualaikum, salam sejahtera, salam 1(one)Malaysia serta salam seluruh dunia.......

bonnie Jo - Affordable, comfortable and fashionable heels!

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HiShop Deal of the Day: Get bonnie-Jo heels at 40% off!

oi leng mm oi meng, that's Cantonese and it loosely translates to "ladies wanting to be pretty, at the cost of (sometimes excruciating) pain". Let this saying be a thing of the past with uber-comfy shoes from bonnie-Jo. Not only are they comfortable, they are fashionable and affordable too.

Grab #bonnieJo heels from @HiShopMY. Comfortable heels for whole-day walking in the malls. Perfect addition to my collection.


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