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Selasa, 27 Disember 2011


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Hellow my friends over there...

Hurry! Click! 
Buy online….. Enjoy  great saving! 

Grab in your hand "DiGi iPhone 4"

Get RM 1 400 rebate (RM 200 off RRP, RM 1 200 total rebates including Auto-Billing). 

Beside that, RM 100 waiver for administration fee and 30-day trial for Digi Music Play. Free delivery with online purchase.

Why I said most affordable because you can buy with cash or credit card. Recommended iDiGi 138 just RM88 monthly with auto-billing. Otherwise buy with easy payment plan nearby your DiGi store via monthly installments at 0% interest for 36 months only.

Digi iPhone 4S is mine and yours too.....

Dont forget to click! Bye....bye.....Thanks....

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