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Ahad, 25 Disember 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

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Thanks to Naffnang give me an opportunity to joint your community and in such away that, I might be a lucky person receiving iPhone 4S from whom kind people at DiGi. I am Still wishing may my dream come true.

Hi my friends all over the world! The iPhone 4S that will given to me is incoperate wit DiGi plan. You should know that the Digi plan that I like most which I can call up to 1000 minit, SMS up to 600, MMS up to 60 and can store data up to 5GB.

With this compitibality, for sure I will call all my friend and let them know I am using iPhone 4S. I will also can MMS ans SMS total up to 660 friend freely. I will also tell them not worry because although I switch to Digi but I am still using my previous phone number. I will tell them too, if they swith to DiGGi , they don’t need to change the phone number.

For sure too! We can save our monthly bill. That the most important.


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