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Ahad, 25 Disember 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4ME

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Happy Marry Christmas to my friends all over the world….May your dreams and my dreams come true too.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will get free DiGi iPhone 4S for my Happy Marry Christmas day…It will belong to me, not to others! Why do I and you think so? Just because I really need it. I really want it. It just because the iPhone 4S have a lot of features compare with handphone I am using now. Try to compare with your handphone too!

See! The iPhone 4 features…its have dual-core A5 chips and have 8-megapixel camera. Compare to my phone that I am using now, only have 4-megapixel. It’s double. Of course it will snap picture resulting sharper and clearer image. That I want! Moreover, its have 1080p HD video recording and high resolution retina display. It’s just two in one…a camera and a video recording in one iPhone 4S.

For sure too, its have over 500, 000 apps on the App Store, iOS 5 which is the world’s most advanced mobile OS and iCloud of our content on all our devices.

I also concerning the size too. It’s only 115.2mm x 58.6mm and dept 9.3mm. It’s handy and just weight 140 grams. Another most important thing is that the iPhone 4S is finger print resistant of oleophobic coating in front and back. Don’t forget too, Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determine our environmental impact.

Incoporate with DiGi plan, my admire iPhone 4S will more efficient. Hopefully my dream come true and my Santa Clause come to my doorstep bring along iPhone 4S as we are talking about.


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